English / Español

Digital Communication & PR / Content Creator

Colleen Murphy is a fashion publicist specialized in the Spanish fashion and lifestyle sector that makes fashion happen.
Digital Communications and Public Relations Strategies for brands through Curated Creative Content.
  • Comprehensive management of digital strategies, and creation of creative digital content, for brands, blogs, and digital media.
  • Consultancy and seamless management of online shops and digital market places throughout all its value chain. Logistics, packaging, transport, Client Hospitality, analytics, and reports.
  • Content and sales Strategies of Social Media Networks.
  • Design and development of Digital Content Campaigns.
  • Creation and management of web / blogs Word Press.
  • Text, copy, and translation services, English / Español, of blog posts, press articles, news releases, branded content, advertising, and publicity.
  • Broadcasting of information lo leading digital media, stakeholders, and influencers.
  • In collaboration with Beup, VIP Influencer strategies, negotiation of fees, contract supervision, management of campaigns, reports, and data results.
  • In collaboration with Fash & Com Showroom, PR strategies, celebrities, red carpet, influencers.