Slow Fashion is the concept under which the Spanish design sector, led by ACME, plans to present their fashion collections during Madrid Fashion Week in the era of “learning to live with COVID”. The Made in Spain slow fashion presentations are framed in two events, MBFWMadrid and Madrid es Moda, both in a hybrid format described as a mixture of fashion shows and digital presentations.

MBFWMadrid has just presented the official calendar for the Spanish fashion designers Spring Summer 2021 Collections that will take place at organizers IFEMA’s usual venue from September 10th to 13th . 16 leading fashion creators and 9 young talented designers from the Samsung EGO program will showcase their fashion proposals with a common commitment to sustainability. The format chosen by most fashion designers is the classic fashion show format with a few digital presentations and performances. All will be streamed online in the following link MBFWMadrid web site while Madrid tightens up measures regarding public gatherings at events due to COVID 19. Furthermore, some fashion designers have opted to showcase their own presentations during these dates in an “off” schedule.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. Photo Colleen Murphy
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. January 2020

From September 7th – 13th the urban fashion festival Madrid es Moda invites locals in Madrid to buy fashion from Spanish creators while highlighting slow fashion concepts as a validating methodology of sustainable efficiency. The MeM presentations will feature live demonstrations from the fashion designer’s backstage, the artisan couture ateliers that underline the handcrafted value of Spanish fashion design.

The 2vd Skin FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. Photo Colleen Murphy
The 2nd. Skin FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. January 2020

Slow Fashion is a global movement that makes consumers aware of buying and appreciating the value of quality and longevity in garments created by local talent in fashion design and their artisan couture methodology. The Slow Fashion movement encourages slower garment production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprint, and (ideally) zero waste of textile waste in its creation.

An average consumer throws away 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) of clothing per year. Globally we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year 95% of which could be reused or recycled.

The Pretty Planeteer

Although the path initiated by Spanish design fashion towards a real compromise with sustainable fashion is positive, there are pending issues regarding the digitization of Spanish fashion where we must advance rapidly. Today, now, online sales are essential and each fashion designer’s brand has to have and manage their own online stores and commercial strategies. This is not a step that can be skipped so that other online stores market designer’s products. It must be done.

The on line commercial channel must be fully implemented so that Spanish creators can monetize their designs and grow commercially online.

Andrés Sardá FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. Photo Colleen Murphy
Andrés Sardá FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. January 2020

Analog retail also has to be reset in digital mode. Physical stores must integrate and support online sales strategies and innovate by creating digital experiences with IA, which is creating speedily various applications regarding the XXIst century high street boutique.

Digital Communications and PR is also an area where Spanish Fashion must move forward and dive into the digital world through collaborations with dynamic and creative teams of professionals aware that digital technology is advancing at supersonic speed. What we knew yesterday is not valid for tomorrow. New mentalities, digital vision, and empathy towards the needs and tastes of Spanish women in relation to fashion are needed. The Spanish market is key for Spanish fashion designers’ survival and now is an excellent opportunity to seduce Spanish women to buy and appreciate Spanish designer fashion not only for its aesthetics but also for its implicit sustainable slow fashion quality.

While we wait “to see what happens”, I cannot help but look with nostalgia at the images that illustrate this post and belong to the previous edition of MBFWMadrid in January 2020, We all were in another dimension, in a world that will not return.

But the situation is what it is and even though its a very tough moment for many sectors globally we must be creative and optimistic. It is the obligation of all the professionals who work in the fashion sector in Spain to contribute new ideas and fashion projects for a new world, a new society, because nothing will ever be the same.

Hannibal Laguna FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. Photo Colleen Murphy
Hannibal Laguna FW 2020 MBFW Madrid. January 2020

I want to dedicate this post with all my love and affection to the city of Madrid and all its citizens. Together we will overcome this storm and emerge from it stronger, more humble, wiser, and more….Madrileños. From Madrid with love.

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To be continued…