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Everything has changed. Spanish fashion’s most creative sector, the fashion creators are connected online and have embarked on the path to digital transformation. Driven by digital technologies, the web and social networks, they are undergoing a radical change that impacts how they produce, how they publicize and how they sell their author’s fashion creations directly to the consumer.

The so-called digital transformation entails much more than online sales and social networks. Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data are going to transform the economy, the production processes, the logistics and the trade of author’s fashion products to a hyper-connected society and an increasingly informed and demanding consumer.

If you have an online store and you use social networks to connect with your audiences and consumers, you have started the path towards digital transformation.

The latest economic report presented by ACME and by modaes.es – SPANISH FASHION DESIGN IN NUMBERS, the chapter regarding the economic growth of online sales of the associates of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España makes this clear. In 2017, online sales of fashion, accessories and sporting goods, shot up 45% more than in 2016 reaching the figure of 2,757 million euros. Author’s design, reflected in ACME’s fashion designers, increased their online turnover in 2017 by 26.5% compared to 2016, with a total billing in 2017 of 24.2 million euros.

The time has come for fashion designers to maximize their online sales potential.

Instagram is a natural medium for the author’s fashion sector. A social network that stands out for its powerful visual content and its incredible ability to broadcast and share content through its followers. An effective digital tool that connects audiences, creates communities of people united by a common interest and broadcasts images and messages globally. These are but some features that make Instagram a dynamic communication tool with a potential still to be explored.

Social networks play a key role in optimizing the sales of author fashion products.

In order to provide a scenario on the reality of fashion designers in Spain before the digital transformation, and as a motivation to generate a conversation in the fashion design sector, I share a list with the most notable Spanish fashion designers and their Followers on Instagram today.


delpozo1M (millón)si
purificaciongarcia301K (mil)si
agatharuizdelaprada248K (mil)si
palomospain195K (mil)si
mariaescote183K (mil)si
adolfodominguezofficial180K (mil)si
fernandoclarocouture138K (mil)
teresahelbig97.5K (mil)si
pedrodelhierro_official83.3K (mil)si
custobarcelona81.8K (mil)
theextremecollection75.1K (mil)
inunezdesign74K (mil)
davidelfin70.7K (mil)
robertodiz69.8K (mil)
lacondesaconde62.6K (mil)si
peseta51.7K (mil)
antoniogarciaestudio50.1K (mil)
the2ndskinco48.2K (mil)si
jorgevazquezestudio45.9K (mil)
hannibal_laguna43.7K (mil)
casitadewendy43.4K (mil)
mariakefisherman41.4K (mil)
mayahansen41.1K (mil)
juanamartinoficial40.1K (mil)si
mrjuanvidal37.1K (mil)
robertoverinooficial36.4K (mil)si
juanjooliva33.5K (mil)
andres.sarda31.7K (mil)
analocking28.9K (mil)
manemane27.3K (mil)
moisesnieto23.9K (mil)
jorgeacunaofficial23.5K (mil)
carmenmarch_official23.4K (mil)
ailanto20.6K (mil)
aschlesser20.3K (mil)
outsidersdivision18.9K (mil)
pilardalbat18.6K (mil)
malne_official16.5K (mil)
oteyza_official15.4K (mil)
marcosluengoofficial15.4K (mil)
ionfizofficial14.6K (mil)
alvarnostudio13.8K (mil)
leandrocano13.7K (mil)
kriziarobustella13K (mil)
ulisesmerida12.7K (mil)
jcpajares12.4K (mil)
pepasalazar12.3K (mil)
duarte.official12.1K (mil)
garciamadrid11.5K (mil)
miguelmarinero10.7K (mil)

The list is merely informative and not comparative since it is made up of about 50 companies of different sizes. From large fashion design – Delpozo, Adolfo Dominguez, Pedro del Hierro, and SMEs and designer’s ateliers – Fernando Claro, Jorge Vazquez, Juanjo Oliva, Manuel Garcia Madrid, The2ndSkin, or Ana Locking. Also included in the list are those fashion designers who have more than 10,000 followers as this is the minimum number that Instagram requires to connect an online store.

In my line of empowering women, I would like to point out that four women Spanish designers are in the top ten fashion designers with more followers on Instagram. Purificación García (301K Followers), Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (248K Followers) Maria Escoté (183K Followers) and Teresa Helbig (97.5K Followers).

In future posts, I will share basic tips and concepts to boost social networks and online fashion stores. But I advance an important issue that is how to get the Instagram verification badge. The blue tick verifies the authenticity and notoriety of your Instagram account and effectively protects your fashion brand. LINK HOW TO APPLY FOR BLUE TIC IN INSTAGRAM.

But to face digital transformation, the Spanish fashion design sector has necessarily to change the mindset and assume that new technologies force us to undertake learning curves to optimally manage the new tools. The effort has its reward, and that is that we are facing a very interesting moment where a pro-active attitude can improve the competitiveness of Spanish author fashion considerably. We will see it.

Spanish fashion designers need to have an open mind, be willing to change their mindset and, above all, do something they are very good at, be creative!

Making Fashion Happen!

To be continued…

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