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Joaquim Verdu is one of the many Catalan fashion designers that have presented their fashion proposals on the Madrid runway, Pasarela Cibeles. The fashion creator from Barcelona is a highly skilled maestro at designing knitted fabrics. His signature styles are recognizable for solid colorful blocks, mini volumes and an elegant mix of woven and knitted fabrics.

Looking at these pictures of the 1995 fashion show during Pasarela Cibeles, Madrid, I can`t help to be surprised by how contemporary Joaquim Verdu’s fashion is. Any demanding fashionista or influencer could easily wear any of these models today and start a trend.

As with most designers that create flattering garments for women, Joaquim Verdu has always had an especially good relationship with his runway models. Helena Barquilla, Martina Klein, Veronica Blume, Almudena Fernández, Natalia López… are among a very powerful generation of Spanish top models that have showcased the designers chic knit collections in many fashion shows, this one being the first in Madrid.

Joaquim Verdu also sustains a thrilling fashion career. Signaled out as a bright young student by master couturier Pedro Rodriguez, he trained at Maison Rodriguez and established his RTW signature label in the 80’s becoming a commercial success. Currently, the designer, having lost his signature label, has been working as creative director with leading fashion brands and is planning a comeback under a new label. 

The aim of Pasarela Cibeles has been from the beginning to act as a runway that gathers the best of Spanish fashion design. Healthy competitiveness is held between Spain’s two main cities, Madrid and Barcelona, for the title of “Most Fashionable City”. This has not stopped the Catalan designers from showing in Madrid, or the madrileño designers from showing in the Catalan fashion platforms.

In Barcelona, a city very dear to my heart, the official runways have been held under the Pasarela Gaudi handle first, and now the 080 Barcelona label. The new edition in Barcelona is starting as I post this article, just ahead on MBFW Madrid. So let the shows begin!

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