Welcome to my website where I will share with you my photos, words and thoughts covering my experiences of nearly 30 years working as a fashion pr & publicist in the beautiful city of Madrid, in sunny Spain.

During this time I have photographed Spanish designers collections at the official madrileƱo runway, also known as Pasarela Cibeles, and I will be uploading my archive through my Instagram account to share with all of you.

I will also be posting in the blog my experiences in fashion, the trials and tribulations of Spanish designers and my ideas and personal opinions regarding communicating fashion and generating content, for those of you with common interests.

Photos and words are undeniable allies in publicizing fashion regardless of what media tools are available. I actively encourage my clients to work with professionals to bring up the level of their fashion photos and fashion words, which are also very relevant in my work. Besides brining english into the Spanish fashion scene, I also write press releases, copy and the occasional fashion article. My peers have actively encouraged me to set a blog up and share my fashion knowledge, content and experiences. Therefore you may allow that this site be also a personal tribute to all that work in this crazy, demanding, ever changing, world that is the fashion world. So photographers, models, stylists, hair and make up artists, journalists, PRs and all the range of assistants and interns….va por Vds!

Currently I work as Associate Director of BeuP in Madrid where, together with my colleague, Luisa Mata, we generate bespoke influencer campaigns bringing together talent and brands.

The objetive of this site, is also to humbly contribute to broadcast globally Spanish designer fashion, promote Madrid as a cultural shopping destination, and bring together in one place my photographic work for all to enjoy.

Thanks! Be in touch!

Colleen Murphy